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Tombs of Qutb Shahi Kings
Gedicht zur Ehre der verstorbenen Herrscher
In Englisch, soweit ich es vom Bild entziffern konnte:

In Muse Among those Silent tanes.
Whose Spacious darkness guards Your dust.
Around Me sleep the hory plains.
That hold Your ancient wars in trust
I pause My dreaming spirit hears,
Across the Wind's unquiet tides.
The laughter of Your royal brides.
In Vain. O kings doth time aspire
To Make Your names Oblivions's sport,
While Yonder hill wears like a tier
The ruined grandeur of Your fort.
Though centuries falter and decline.
Your proven strongholds shall remain
Embodied memories of Your line.
Incarnate legends of Your reign.
O Queens in Vain old Fate decreed
Your flower-like bodies to the tomb
Death is in truth the vital seed
Of Your imperishable bicom.
Each new-born Year the buibuls sing
Their songs of Your renascent loves
Your beaty wakens with the spring
To Kindle those pomegranate groves.

Indisches Poem-Englisch aus alter Zeit kann ich leider nicht übersetzen. Wer traut sich zu, es für mich zu tun?